Perfect Fit Conservatory Blinds

Now that spring is just around the corner, your conservatory will once again be your favourite room  in the house.

No matter if it is the playroon for your children, a stylish dining room, or just a lovely place to relax we have a blinds option to suit your requirements

Blinds in your conservatory or garden room will enhance your space more than any other addition to your conservatory they will give a stylish and elegant soloution making your conservatory a place that you will want to use at any time of the day or night.



Conservatory blinds will give you shade which even on the sunniest day will allow you to use a computer screen, Television or playstation etc.


For some folks this maybe the main  issue  blinds are the perfect option for this situation.


If your conservatory is occasionly needed as a guest bedroom  then blackout blinds will allow either you or your guests to sleep even when the sun comes up in the early hours.


If you need to have the continued use of your window sills or just want a super neat , sleek and stylish solution then Perfect fit blinds are the popular and modern solution for you.

No matter what your choice of blind type, you will have availability in an array of colours to suit any pallette and prices to suit all pockets.

Look out for our Spring special Conservatory  offers coming soon.

Winter is here again

Well winter is here again and keeping the warmth in and the cold out will be everyones priority. Did you know that you can achieve substantial energy savings while at the same time giving your rooms a stylish and slick makeover .It may not be the first item you consider when insulating your home but blinds and shutters can reduce heat loss through windows, even doubleglazed windows, by up to 40% also conversly on hot days the heat can be reduced a win win all year round.

P J Blinds are pleased to offer the ultimate in energy efficient window dressings with an extensive range of blind types colours and textures. All our products are individually made to measure for your windows, so a perfect fit will be guaranteed. Neat and stylish Blinds, Absolutely stunning shutters, or elegant curtains we are sure to have a product to suite your style and budget.

Naturally, insulating roofs and walls are prime targets as heat loss are greatest through these.


However windows should be the next target as there can be 18% loss through these. As shown on the chart.

Used carefully, blinds and shutters will ultimately recoup their costs due to energy saved and lower heating bills.

Based on a three bedroomed semi detached house the department of energy and climate change, English Heritage and the BBSA calculate blinds and shutters can save £96.00 per year on energy bills. So £500 worth of blinds and shutters would have a 5yr payback. Compare that to loft insulation @ £250.00 with annual bill reduction of £45.00, a six year payback. So you see it makes sense to invest in blinds.

So for a free no obligation quotation call P J Blinds now on 01952541657 or visit our website and take a step towards a more comfortable and stylish home.

Energy Saving Blind Options

In these days of soaring energy  costs  have you thought of using blinds made from a hi- tech heat reflecting material, this can make your home cooler in the summer and keep you warmer in the winter, the specialised coatings that  acheive this for you are available on a range of different  blind styles allowing versatile design options to suit your taste. Contact us for more information.

Changing window blinds can transform a room

A room that is looking a little jaded can often be transformed by a change of blind or window covering this can be acheived with minimal cost for maximum effect.

Overheating conservatories

We can offer an elegant solution to conservatories that are uncomfortable  in warm weather, contact P.J. blinds  Telford  for a quote .

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